A Window AC Unit To Hold Me Over

Out of sheer desperation, I went to the local box store and purchased a window AC unit.

It was the middle of the night when my AC went out, leaving me in a hot and humid home.

The temperatures were rising past 88 every day and the humidity was thick, making the air feel sweaty and wet. My first reaction was to call the HVAC company, but when they told me the cost of an emergency HVAC appointment, I told them to put me on the regular schedule. I assumed that they’d be able to send an HVAC professional to my house the following day. I could survive a day or two without air conditioning! However, when the HVAC company told me that they were booked for two weeks, I was stunned! I didn’t want to pay the emergency HVAC cost because it was expensive, and there was no telling how much more it would cost to repair my AC unit. I put my name on the schedule anyway, but decided to purchase a window AC unit to hold me over. There was no way I could live without AC for two weeks, especially in the summer. The window AC unit was expensive, but I planned on returning it after my broken AC unit was fixed. Luckily, the local box store had a fabulous return policy that would allow me to cool my home until the HVAC company could get to me. I would pay a few hundred dollars upfront, then get that money back as soon as I returned the window AC unit.

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