Changed three heaters for one big boiler

The only reason people replace boilers is when replacement parts aren’t made anymore

My area experiences intense cold and snow most of the year. It isn’t uncommon to have the kids bundled up on Halloween and still see them hunting Easter eggs in the snow. It is extremely necessary to have a good working heating device for the year. Our heaters start up early, hang around really late, and have a heavy workload. I used to deal with three different devices just to keep up with the cold. All the service and repairs got to me. There were constantly cold spots throughout the house and I was paying a fortune for inadequate comfort. What I did was then replace all three of my units with just a single, beast of a heater. A boiler system is an amazing device to carry a heavy workload without a hitch. The boiler can be hidden in the basement or supply closet quite easily. It then offers versatile operations like baseboard heating, hydronic heating, snowmelt systems, home water heating, and even a pool heater. I have mine hooked up to the baseboards and now my whole house is evenly heated. I have one system for maintenance and repair. I only have to call an HVAC dealer once a year for it too. Most of the time nothing is done other than light cleaning. These beasts of systems have a lifespan of almost fifty years. The only reason people replace boilers is when replacement parts aren’t made anymore. There were too many benefits to inform. I finally put on my big girl pants and bought myself a boiler system.

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