Finding The Proper AC Unit Size

Once the HVAC professional told me that I’d need to upgrade my AC unit, I started researching new options right away.

I didn’t know the first thing about AC units or what I should be looking for, which I found out as soon as I spoke with the HVAC professional about my AC unit research.

The HVAC professional stopped me during my speech about which AC unit I liked and he told me that he would have to measure my AC system and assess my house and my needs before committing to an AC unit. I thought he was being dramatic at first, but when he started explaining the benefits of doing all this, I was really grateful. He told me that I could order a new AC unit on my own and then hire someone to install it, but he didn’t recommend that. The HVAC professional told me about his experience working with homeowners who chose this route and it almost never ended up working out. According to him, if the new AC unit was either too small or too large, then the whole AC unit would run inefficiently and cause a lot of problems. An AC unit that was too small could lack in removing the heat from the air. An AC unit that was too big could put too much heat into the air. When the HVAC professional came to my house, he measured all the equipment and then he asked me questions about my heat and air preferences. He told me that he was calculating my AC unit’s cooling capacity and how much my house needed in order to meet my needs.