Getting my home roof done by a professional

I will disclose that I am a actually handy guy.

When I moved onto my household I wasn’t pleased that there was no storage anywhere; The previous homeowner definitely used a room in the house to store everything, however for me, that wasn’t going to chop it… I have three toolboxes, a leaf blower, pole saw, chain saw, plus other major tools.

I also have tons of painting gear, cleaning equipment, plus just standard shed stuff. I needed a building, however rather than buy one, I decided to build it by hand. I poured a concrete foundation, built my frame plus did the insulation on the walls. The only thing I didn’t do was the roof. I didn’t feel capable of making an air plus water right roof. So I called a professional roofing supplier to do the end result. I had the frame for them, they just needed to shingle plus seal it to the walls. The roofers were actually great at what they did. They arrived plus immediately got to work. It only took them about one hour to get the whole shed covered plus sealed. I was actually impressed with their work ethic. I kind of hope the home roof needs a service so I can see them at work again. I want to ensure that the house is as well done as my shed now. They say you need a new roof every ten years. I haven’t been residing in the house long but the previous homeowner no way kept up with roof service.

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