I Brought My Own Kind of Fan

Before I agreed to go on a camping trip with some friends, I had a list of questions for them.

I wanted to know things like, how various afternoons would my buddy and I be sleeping, how big was the tent, how hot or cold were the temperatures, plus was there any source of heat plus air? The last questions made my friends chuckle, because we’d be staying in a tent plus there was really no source of heat or air, however upon hearing this, I asked them if I could pack a portable fan for the hot afternoons. They laughed at me again, because there would be no electricity around the tent. I hated how they were laughing at me for asking easy questions that I didn’t understand. This fueled me to search for a portable solution for air that did not require electricity. To my surprise, it did not take me long to find a fantastic solution. I discovered a portable fan that only required batteries, so I purchased one plus brought it along, however when I took it out of my bag, my friends were really confused. I told them about how the fan worked by only using batteries plus they were amazed. I’d only brought one along, so I kept the cool air on myself the entire time. I could tell my friends were aggravated with me, but they were the ones who made fun of me when I asked them questions about heat plus air. I loved seeing them suffer in the heat while I was completely relaxed with my fan blowing cool air on me.

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