I Wanted to Clean The Furnace

I just had my HVAC system serviced last week, and the HVAC technician told me that my furnace was over 8 years old. He wasn’t concerned about it, but he told me the age within our conversation and it made me realize how old my furnace was. Before that moment, I didn’t know how old my furnace was because nothing made me think about it. My furnace provided heat efficiently for my home and I was happy with how it ran, so there was no reason for me to consider it’s age. 8 years is mid-age for a furnace, which is why the number caught me by surprise. Although my furnace was running just fine, it sent me into shock and I decided to start dedicating more time into keeping it clean. I did some research and found simple and safe ways to keep my furnace clean, which I just did a few days ago. The first thing I did was shut off my furnace completely. Next, I took a brush and soapy water and cleaned the combustion chamber. It took some time to find it, but when I did, I gave it a good scrub. Then, I purchased a new air filter and replaced the old one with it. The HVAC professional did not include a new air filter with his servicing, so it was important that I replace it myself. Lastly, I vacuumed out the air vents inside my house. I was surprised by how much dust and debri was caught in the air vents, but I felt relieved once it was all sucked up. Cleaning my furnace gives me peace of mind that I’m doing all I can to keep it running at it’s best.


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