Layered Air Vent

When my teenagers were forced to stay at apartment & continue learning from our house, it threw everything into chaos; My spouse & I were also told to beginning working from home, so all of us were juggling our own responsibilities while also trying to stay out of each other’s way, but thankfully, our teenagers are older, so they don’t need to be hovered over for extended periods of time… In order to make things function better, we had to transport a lot of furniture around.

My teenagers had desks in their rooms & my spouse & I each obtained a desk for ourselves.

There was one designated office, which my spouse graciously allowed me to take, she built her desk in our family room, then a few weeks into our current arrangement, we noticed our utility bill was higher than normal. Then, we started noticing that there were certain rooms in our home that weren’t cooling officially. At first, my spouse & I assumed it was because we were all under one roof always & we were possibly throwing the entire Heating plus A/C system off kilter, then one night though, I could hear the AC unit starting & stopping over the sound of the TV. I also noticed that the family room was growing boiling & warmer each morning, putting two & two together, I realized that my spouse had built her desk over the air vent. All the air was getting trapped underneath & it was causing our AC system to break down. Once we moved the desk, our Heating plus A/C system began running normally again.

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