My Brother Got a Ductless Mini Split System For Our Room

My sibling is the youngest in the family plus he’s considered the baby, but my older sister plus I constantly talk about how our sibling can do no wrong in our parent’s eyes since he’s the youngest… Over the years, I’ve watched him finegal his way into so numerous things plus my parents have no idea how badly he is manipulating them, his most recent ploy was impressive plus it took little to no time at all for him to get what he wanted, however it started when he was complaining about how hot he got in his home office at night.

He complained that he was hardly sleeping, which was affecting everything he did during the afternoon.

Of course when my parents heard this, they coddled him plus told them that they’d lower the temperature on the control equipment for him. My sibling still wasn’t content with the temperature of his room, so he started whining about it again. I thought my parents would simply lower the temperature again, however they surprised me! They came condo with a ductless mini split system plus told my sibling that they were going to hire an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C professional to install it, but they spent numerous hundred dollars on a ductless mini split system so my little sibling would feel cooler at night! Now, he’s able to control the temperature of his room however he likes! My parents would never do anything like that for me if I was uncomfortable with the temperature. In fact, they’d truly tell me to get over it. He is so spoiled!


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