My Furnace Won't Turn On

Despite having an old furnace, my home has always been heated consistently.

I thought my furnace was going to give out on me years ago, but it’s continued to surprise me.

I do my part by having it serviced twice per year by an HVAC professional in order to keep it running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that it ran for so long. This year though, I was not lucky enough to escape the problems that came along with an old furnace. I had my furnace serviced by an HVAC company like I always do, and they assured me that although it was old, it was in working condition. I had it serviced well before I needed it, because I wanted to make sure everything was working properly before I needed it the most. When the temperature finally dropped low enough for me to stop running my AC and instead turn on my furnace, I was shocked when it wouldn’t turn on. I realized that my heat wasn’t running when the temperature of my house wasn’t rising. I checked the thermostat settings to make sure that I had the furnace running and the temperature set correctly, which I did. I called the HVAC company and asked them to come take a look for me. The HVAC professional told me that my circuit breaker wasn’t turned on, and that I could see this on the control panel. I hate that I had to pay for this, but I’m glad I’ll know what to do in the future. I’m just glad my furnace wasn’t severely damaged!

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