Needed a trenchless sewer repair now

Have you ever noticed that plumbing disasters happen at the worst possible time? I recently had my family over for Easter… I was hosting a crucial celebration plus had everything planned just right.

The inside was all cleaned plus set up for the entire family… Outside I had mowed the sod, trimmed my bushes, plus hid colored eggs for the kids.

I even had yard games set up, however when the family ventured outside most people remarked on the stink. It stinked like an outdated dumpster mixed with toilet water. Then I found water seeping up in my sod. I had an issue with my septic system. I figured I just needed the septic pumped, however I didn’t want to leave that until the next company afternoon. I wanted to detach the stink so my family would be comfortable. I called for an emergency plumber to take care of the septic concerns. Well it turns out it wasn’t a congested septic tank however a drain field issue. I needed to have my sod dug up to access the drain field in order to make the repair. I was chopping out in hives of the thought of my sod being torn up during a celebration, so I ended up moving most people inside plus doing the drainfield repair at a later date. I am thankful that I called around plus found a plumbing company that does trenchless plumbing. They were able to access the repair without digging deep into the ground plus making a crucial mess. The trenchless sewer repair went as quick plus easy as it could have been.
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