Not long until time to uncover the air conditioning

I just love it when I get to see the word March on my calendar.

This means only one thing to me and that’s the waning of Winter.

While my sister to the far south is already sending us picture of azaleas, we are still locked into Winter. In fact, we are dealing with a big cold front and some snow this very weekend. The gas furnace is still doing its thing every evening so we are a ways from being ecstatic over all the rebirth that comes with Spring. Still, before this latest cold snap, I noticed that the gas furnace wasn’t running quite as much. And I even turned down the thermostat in my office last week. We have zone controlled HVAC in the office so I’m really lucky to have a thermostat of my own. But Spring isn’t officially here in my book until I uncover the air conditioning. Well, I’m actually uncovering the HVAC cabinet that is part of the heat pump side of the HVAC equipment. I cover this HVAC component up during the winter to keep the weight of snow and ice off the fan and other delicate parts. It just makes sense to help protect that part of the residential HVAC. I mean, the thing has to sit out in the elements during the worst of winter weather. So when I pull the cover off the air conditioning and call for the air conditioning tune up, it’s Spring for me. While I’ve begun to quietly be joyful in anticipation of that event, I’m not getting ahead of myself either. The fact that the gas furnace is on right now sort of brings me back to reality a bit.

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