The Annual HVAC Plan Was A Good Choice

I’ve been really bad about staying on top of my biannual HVAC maintenance. I always tell myself that I’m going to call the HVAC company before I transition between my furnace and air conditioning unit, but I somehow always forget until it’s too late. I was telling the HVAC technician about my ability to neglect my HVAC system out of habit, and he suggested something that I’d never heard of before. He told me all about the HVAC company and their annual service plan. According to him, the service plan included one yearly fee that covered a ton of benefits, including priority scheduling and free emergency services. When he told me about this, I was immediately sold, but I listened closely to the other benefits out of curiosity. There was also a 15% discount on all repairs and parts and assured pricing. Once the HVAC professional was done telling me about the benefits, I was hesitant to hear the price. I was expecting to hear a really large number, but I was pleasantly surprised by the number. The price wasn’t too much more than what I was already paying to have my HVAC system serviced twice per year. Once the HVAC professional left, I called the HVAC company right away and asked to be put on their annual HVAC service plan. Now, I never have to remember when to schedule my HVAC appointments because someone from the company will call to remind me. If I forget to call them back until later, my name gets put to the top of the list and I don’t have to wait.

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