The Perfect Adjustment For Clean Air

I feel like everyone suffer from seasonal flu symptoms during the Spring when the pollen is shedding, then however, I am the opposite, i find that my seasonal flu symptoms are the worst during the fall.

I’ve never been certain as to why this is, however I try my best to keep things at bay, but there are two things that I do that are the most effective.

The first thing I do is change my air filter frequently; Most home owners tend to upgrade their air filters twice per year, however I like to change it yearly. This prevents the filter from getting too blocked as well as it keeps disinfect air flowing respectfully. The second thing I do is run an UV air purifier. My Heating as well as A/C system does it’s best to purify the air, however I take things one step further as well as roll around a big UV air purifier depending on what room I’m using, however when I first bought the UV air purifier, I wasn’t sure how much use I’d get out of it. However, after running it for a month as well as replacing the air filter within it, I was shocked to see what it picked out of the air. The UV air purifier actually goes the extra mile to trap unwanted pollutants floating around the air. Between the yearly air filter upgradements as well as the UV air purifier, I’m able to keep the air in my home disinfect as well as purified, although it doesn’t take my seasonal flu symptoms away completely, it keeps them at bay as well as I’m able to feel good. I wish I would have realized this combination for disinfect air a long time ago.