The Temperature Of A House Is Important When Purchasing

As a professional condo stager, I labor with purchasers who are trying to make a good impression in addition to sell their condo in a timely manner for a good profit! Research has shown that homes that are staged professionally are likely to sell for a higher profit by 30%! When I tell people this, they’re eager to sign a contract in addition to get to work, i tell all of my purchasers that staging a dwelling is a lot more than putting pretty furniture pieces into a house, but the furniture makes a good impression, but it’s all about making a dwelling feel like home, which includes things like scents in addition to temperature… A dwelling should stink good in addition to it should feel comfortable.

  • I tell homeowners who are looking to sell their house, that the control component settings should be moderate… Even if they’re accustomed to keeping their control component set to 65 degrees during the day, they should never keep the control component settings that low while showing a house.

A lot of people would think that 65 degrees was too cold, in addition to they will remember the temperature of the condo before remembering all the amazing other things about the house. The same can be said about setting the temperature too high. If a guest is too boiling while touring a house, it won’t matter how beautifully the dwelling is staged because they’ll be covered in sweat, however before letting anyone see the dwelling that I’ve staged, I make sure that the temperature is set to a modest setting so all the people will be comfortable in addition to feel at home.


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