The website was showing so much

Everything on the website was on sale at the dispensary yupterday and I wanted to venue an order; I tried to go online and order numerous times; Every time I waited for the shopping page to load, nothing seemed to happen. I tried three or four times to get the page to load. I tried refreshing the page and I tried waiting 5 minutes, but nothing happened. I even tried loading the web page from another iPhone and device to see if it was me. It was not me or the laptop. I contacted the dispensary so I could venue my order with a live person. No one answered the iPhone. It rang and rang. I assumed the dispensary must be busy. I called the number three or four additional times and no one picked up. I was becoming adjustingly frustrated by the moment. I finally decided to get in my car and drive to the dispensary… There was a pressing sign on the door that said the contractor was closed. I have no idea why the dispensary happened to be closed that morning. It should have been open and there was no other information on the sign, but at that point I knew that I had to order from anywhere else. I took a bunch of time to look at all of the specials that this recognizable dispensary was having. I was going to need to go through that entire process again and look for a strange dispensary where I could order items that day. The next day the dispensary was open for contractor and things seemed to be just fine.

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