They Wouldn’t Fix My AC System

During one of the biggest heat waves I’ve ever experienced, my AC system stopped running efficiently.

I’d never experienced issues with my AC system before, so I was perplexed on how to fix it.

Before calling an HVAC professional, I went online and tried to read about various AC issues and how to troubleshoot them. I’d never worked with an AC system before, so I struggled to understand the lingo, which made me feel less confident about my ability to fix the issue. The only thing I felt confident enough to do was replace the air filter. I already knew where I stored the air filters, but I needed to learn how to remove the old one and install the new one. This was a fairly simple task, but I didn’t know how long I should wait afterwards to see if it was going to make a difference in my AC system. I waited thirty minutes, and then an hour, but nothing changed. My AC system was still running frequently and making odd noises. The air was also coming out of the air vents inconsistently. Since my knowledge on HVAC systems was limited and I felt like I’d done everything I could do, I decided to break down and call an HVAC professional. I dialed the first HVAC professional that popped up in my web search, but they told me that they didn’t specialize in AC repairs so they didn’t do them. I thought this was really odd, but I had no choice but to call another HVAC company. Thankfully, they were willing to come fix my AC system.

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